M:Italian Vibes

Hello!Today i wear a total black and minimal style for our visit to Pisa and Lucca,do you like it?

Γεια!Σήμερα φοράω ένα total black και μίνιμαλ στυλ για την επίσκεψή μας στη Πίζα και το Λούκα, σας αρέσει;IMG_20171008_153623


Review:Flora Lastraioli Lingerie

Flora Lastraioli is a couture lingerie brand from Florence creating special pieces for many years.Using the best materials for years,the house has become recognisable all around the world.The designs are all handmade and have a classic,chic and luxurious design and if you are looking for something unique then you are in the right place.Matteo Pecchioli,who continues the legacy of his grandmother,has given a modern twist to the classic and loved designs.You can find long robes and lingerie or short ones.Also,there are sets with a top and shorts/long pants if you want to feel more comfortable at home.You can see easily that the talent runs in the family since the lingerie pieces look absolutely stunning and the new lines feature colours that you rarely find elsewhere.Some of the pieces are also great to wear outside as well, since the silk lingerie looks perfect for a night out and the trend is strong.For those who love bodys,you can also find them in different designs.If you are a bride to be,make sure you check out the robes and you will definitely find the one you are looking for.
These unique and luxurious pieces that make you feel like a queen can be found in different materials like cotton ones,the jersey ones and the silk ones that are a personal fave.The lines of the house are Flora Lastraioli Classic, Flora Lastraioli Haute Couture and Piccola, an exclusive childrenswear line.Check the shop here,you will find what you are looking for,for sure!

Flora Lastraioli είναι μία couture εταιρεία lingerie από τη Φλωρεντία που δημιουργεί μοναδικά κομμάτια εδώ και χρόνια.Χρησιμοποιώντας πάντα τα καλύτερα υφάσματα,ο οίκος έχει γίνει διάσημος παγκόσμια.Τα σχέδια είναι όλα χειροποίητα και αν ψάχνεις κάτι πραγματικά μοναδικό,θα το βρεις σίγουρα εδώ.Είναι κλασικά,σικ και πολυτελή.Ο Matteo Pecchioli,που συνεχίζει τη κληρονομιά της γιαγιάς του,και όντας και ο ίδιος εξίσου ταλαντούχος,έχει δώσει μία νέα πνοή στα κλασικά και αγαπημένα σχέδια.Μπορείς να βρεις ρόμπες,μακριά αλλά και κοντά νυχτικά καθώς επίσης και σετ με σορτς/παντελόνι αν θες να είσαι πιο άνετα στο σπίτι.Μπορείς να δεις εύκολα ότι το ταλέντο είναι οικογενειακό,αφού τα νυχτικά είναι φανταστικά και οι νέες σειρές έχουν μοναδικά χρώματα που δεν βρίσκεις αλλού.Μάλιστα κάποια κομμάτια...IMG_20171009_104524


London Travel Guide

  • Best time to visit:Xmas/Spring
  • Currency: British pound (1 British pound =1.12euros)
  • Visas:Not from Europe
  • Getting around:underground,train,bus
What to Do

London is a must visit city in the UK and in Europe in general.There are many sights to visit and you definitely need at least a week to explore the main ones.We decided to go around with buses so we could look outside the window,enjoy the ride and not miss any moment from our trip there.On the negative side of the buses,you may not be able to catch it from the stop you want cause there are times that they are working on the roads and close some stops.Also,if you are in hurry you may get stuck in traffic so make sure you get the means of transport that suit you best.
We visited London late November but we definitely suggest December as well and that’s because the weather is still mild and there are not many rains.Also,if you are in a festive mood,you can see the Xmas lights decorating the city from mid November.
There are many things to do around London,like exploring neighbourhoods which differ from one to another.
London Bridge
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
Oxford Street


M:Firenze,my love

Florence is a favourite city of mine and having visited this city for the second time i can say that i loved it even more.If you want to enjoy the city then you should avoid the September-mid November period since it’s very crowded everywhere and you can’t even move in some places.A jeans and a beautiful top was my go to outfit, do you like it?

Η Φλωρεντία είναι από τις αγαπημένες μου πόλεις και νομίζω ότι μου άρεσε ακόμα περισσότερο αυτή τη δεύτερη φορά που πήγα.Αν θες όμως να απολαύσεις τη πόλη,καλύτερα να την αποφύγεις το διάστημα από το Σεπτέμβρη- μέσα Νοέμβρη αφού είναι φουλ τουρίστες και σε μερικά μέρη,δεν μπορείς καν να κουνηθείς.Ένα τζιν και ένα όμορφο τοπ ήταν το outfit μου,σου αρέσει;