Apivita Suncare Review

Apivita has you covered for the whole summer with its wide range of products,today we talk about some faves.thumbnail_IMG_20200625_153151


Review:Sun Screen Velvet by Frezyderm

Today we will talk about our favorite line of sunscreens. More specifically about the Sun Screen Velvet by Frezyderm. It is our favorite sunscreen because it is like a second skin and you do not feel that you are wearing anything. Thanks to the revolutionary innovation Second Skin Technology its unique composition leaves a velvety feeling on the skin, offers a matte look for 6 hours absorbing sebum and softening the look of wrinkles. Its transparent, non-greasy texture leaves no white tint and makes it an excellent base for makeup. It prevents the signs of photoaging and protects against discoloration caused by sun exposure. It also comes in color and you can see it here as well.



June’s Favourites

Anthelios Invisible Αντηλιακό Σπρέι Σώματος SPF50+ by La Roche Posay thumbnail_IMG_20200529_145633

ANTHELIOS INVISIBLE SPRAY SPF50 + This easy-to-apply, lightweight formulation is non-greasy and ensures a very high, broad, and photostable UVA/UVB protection with an optimal SPF of 50+.It is very resistant to water, sweat and sand. Very light texture that does not stick.